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Don Sunshine Ministries has been privileged to touch tens of thousands of lives and see thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ through our teaching people how to share their faith in Christ every day...without fear, embarassment, or hesitation.

Jesus commanded His followers down through the ages to “Make disciples of all nations”.  So let me ask you a question, “How are you doing with that?”  If Jesus commanded us to make disciples and if you are not sharing your faith and beginning the discipleship process, do you really believe that one day you’ll hear Him say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant?”  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be His full time Ambassadors representing Him to the lost people in our lives. Yet for some reason most professing followers of Christ never share their faith in Christ with anyone!

The "Make a Difference” or "M.A.D. Live Event" is a 4-hour event that is presented “Live” in churches. Don has taught this over 600 times in 30 states and Canada, equipping over 36,000 people. God has blessed us to see over 1,600 give their lives to Christ at the Live Events. All praise, honor, and glory be to God!  This “Virtual” M.A.D. Event is a 3-hour shortened version of the full program.  You may participate free of charge, but there will be an opportunity to donate to the ministry to keep us serving the Lord full-time.

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May Ministry Report and SOME EXCITING NEWS!!!

I am sending this month’s report out early, because I have some important news. This month I was scheduled to speak at a men’s conference in upstate NY. Due to the imposed health restrictions, the event was cancelled. However, I was asked if I’d be willing to do a shorter “virtual” event online instead of cancelling the event. I have never done one of these, but I said, “Sure”! I asked if I could send this out to my mailing list and invite women and teens to participate, and they agreed. We did one hour of the event Friday night and two hours on Saturday morning. We had 198 registered and about 150 people actually participated. These people were from 14 states and Mexico! Wow! People from some states I have never taught in also participated. These new states were IN, MN, and AZ. AND, we had one person from Mexico attend! According to the evaluation forms, there were 3 decisions for Christ! Praise God!

With the great success of this first-time virtual event, I have decided to do these once a month beginning in June. They will be held on the first Monday and Tuesday of each month from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern time. There is no charge to participate in the event(s), but there will be an opportunity to make a donation to support our ongoing full-time ministry. People can register on our ministry home page. As we approach the beginning of the month, a handout will be sent out to those registered with log-in instructions.

These “Virtual” events will allow us to equip we’d never have the opportunity to train, and Lord willing, open doors of ministry for us to go to new churches to teach the full 4-hour Live Event. PLEASE PASS THE WORD to church leadership, friends, and relatives!

Here’s part of a testimony I received this week:

“Yesterday we listened to some of your messages again and God sent an amazing divine appointment! My wife said she just felt compelled to get out of the car and talk to a woman. The woman just started sharing how depressed and angry she is. My wife shared the gospel with her, gave her some gospel literature and we plan to follow up with her later. It’s amazing what happens when you start asking why am I crossing paths with the people around me. Thanks for your motivation and equipping.”

As I have been running errands this month, I have stopped numerous times when I’ve seen police officers parked on the side of the road to share a police Gospel card with them and pray for them. I didn’t lay hands on them and pray for them as I usually do, but I prayed for them following the “social distancing” guidelines. One morning I was at the grocery store early, and I got to share with a police officer and then a police dispatcher who were at the store on their way home from working the night shift.

We are a faith-based ministry and rely on our regular monthly supporters AND the love offerings that we get at our MAD Live Events to be able to serve Christ full time vocationally. Our regular monthly support is at about 60%. With so few Live Events on the calendar to begin with, and with the cancellation of many of these due to the pandemic, we don’t have the 40% coming in, and we’re unsure when we will be getting our next love offering. In addition, the pandemic could certainly affect our regular monthly supporters’ ability to continue to give monthly. The bottom line is we need your prayers and if possible, your financial support! Please be in prayer as to how you may help.


• Schedule - As things begin to return to normal, please pray that all of the cancelled events will be rescheduled, and many new events will be added.
• Finances - many of you are experiencing these struggles in your personal life as well. Our prayers are with you as you pray for our needs as well!
• Our first MAD “Virtual” Event on June 1-2 - for great attendance, exposure, and God’s Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of those attending. Please pray that this exposure will open doors to teach in churches.
• Health - please pray we continue to remain healthy.
• For God to provide the $3,400 that we need to publish our book


• June 1&2 - MAD “Virtual” Event from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern time
• June 13 - Give Commencement Address at Emmanuel Baptist Academy, Penn Yan, NY
• July 6&7 - MAD “Virtual” Event from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern time
• July 18 - MAD Live Event #644 - New Day Ministries, Lincolnton, NC
• July 25 - MAD Live Event #645 - Neath Church, Warren Center, PA
• July 26 - Preach - Neath Church, Warren Center, PA

Love in Christ,

Cathy and Don

Exciting News!

Update on our first Virtual MAD Live Event: Below is the list of states and Mexico that were represented. I have taught this material in many of these states, but the new ones are highlighted below:

IN - New
MN - New
AZ - New
Mexico - New

I have some great news! With the success of this first virtual MAD Live Event, I have decided to host one every month going forward. These events will be open to anyone, anywhere for free. We will give the opportunity to make a donation to support our work, but there will be no charge. Each event will most likely be spread out over several weekdays in the evening.

This will allow us to equip people in places we would never be able to get to. And, Lord willing, it will open new doors for bookings in churches. I hope to have this ready to go in a couple of weeks. We are very excited about this! Stay tuned and get ready to spread the word!