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Don Sunshine Ministries has been privileged to touch tens of thousands of lives and see thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ through our teaching people how to share their faith in Christ every day...without fear, embarassment, or hesitation.

Jesus commanded His followers down through the ages to “Make disciples of all nations”.  So let me ask you a question, “How are you doing with that?”  If Jesus commanded us to make disciples and if you are not sharing your faith and beginning the discipleship process, do you really believe that one day you’ll hear Him say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant?”  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be His full time Ambassadors representing Him to the lost people in our lives. Yet for some reason most professing followers of Christ never share their faith in Christ with anyone!

The "Make a Difference” or "M.A.D. Live Event" is a 4-hour event that is presented “Live” in churches. Don has taught this over 600 times in 30 states and Canada, equipping over 36,000 people. God has blessed us to see over 1,600 give their lives to Christ at the Live Events. All praise, honor, and glory be to God!  This “Virtual” M.A.D. Event is a 3-hour shortened version of the full program.  You may participate free of charge, but there will be an opportunity to donate to the ministry to keep us serving the Lord full-time.

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M.A.D. Live Event with "The Light FM" in Blountville, TN

We had a great day of ministry in partnership with “The Light FM” again this weekend. Today we were at Celebration Church in Blountville, TN. 177 people attended and we praise God for 3 salvations, including one former deacon!
There were a number of people who drove up to 3 hours away from NC to attend. Also, several people who attended last weekend’s event attended this weekend as well. I received lots of amazing testimonies as to how the Lord used our material to impact lives. Glory to God!

I also got 2 new bookings from the event, one of which was to equip the Bristol Raceway Ministries to share their faith more effectively. 2 more pastors want me to contact them on Monday to schedule dates with them. Praise the Lord!

M.A.D. Live Event With "The Light FM" in Hendersonville, NC

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! What an amazing day of ministry with “The Light FM”! We had just under 200 people attend. They were a pleasure to train, meet, and fellowship with. We brought tubs of Gospel literature and Cathy sold almost all of it and every “Make a Difference” book that we had on hand. The people were so loving and grateful for what they had learned, and I’ve never received so many hugs at one of our events.

As people were leaving, there as a young man and his wife waiting to speak with me. When the crowds had dispersed some, he told me that he wanted to hand me his evaluation form in person. I thanked him and turned to drop it in the tray, but it was folded. So, I opened it up and saw that he had checked the box indicating he had given his life to Jesus Christ at the training. I turned and looked at and his eyes welled up in tears and he reached out to shake my hand. I took a step towards him and I praised the Lord aloud for what He had done. The young man, Marty, gave me a bear hug and cried on my shoulder. He wouldn’t let me go! He hugged me a long time and he shared some of his story with me. I thanked him for attending and they left.

About 20 minutes had passed and we were packing everything up. As we were almost done, Marty and his wife came back into the room and approached me. He said, “I was driving home and I had to come back. I want you to baptize me”! I told him that I was honored that he would ask, but explained that he would have to speak with his pastor about it. Some churches require that the person doing the baptism be an ordained minister. He said, “If he won’t let you do it at our church, take me down to the creek and do it. I want you to baptize me.” Wow! A little cold for that right now, but we’ll see what happens.
Two men approached me and said they wanted to support our ministry. They have a ministry called, “Pilots for Christ” and are commercial pilots who serve the Lord by providing mercy and compassion flight, transporting pastors and missionaries and other flight services. They witness for Christ at air shows and the like. They told me that I drive too much and they’d be willing to fly me wherever I needed to go to teach FOR FREE! Wow! We’ll be talking some more about this soon!

A lady came from the Charlotte area which is almost 3 hours away. She said she always listens to “KLove” and didn’t know anything about “The Light FM”. She inadvertently changed the channel on her radio and it went to “The Light FM” local station. Immediately the radio spot for our training came on and she knew she had to come! Wow! That’s God!
In all, 1 man and 1 woman gave their lives to Jesus Christ today. Most of the people left on fire to get out and start sharing their faith with a lost world. What a blessing! I still have to pinch myself that I get to serve Christ this way. I am so grateful to the staff at “The Light FM” for all of the hard work and support of what we do. Next weekend I’ll be doing another event with “The Light FM” in nearby Blountville, TN. It’s open to the public and is free. Go to to register.