Don Sunshine Ministries has been privileged to touch tens of thousands of lives and see thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ through our teaching people how to share their faith in Christ every day...without fear, embarassment, or hesitation.

Jesus commanded His followers down through the ages to “Make disciples of all nations”.  So let me ask you a question, “How are you doing with that?”  If Jesus commanded us to make disciples and you are not sharing your faith and beginning the discipleship process, do you really believe that one day you’ll hear Him say, “Well done My good and faithful servant?”  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be His full time Ambassadors representing Him to the lost people in our lives. Yet for some reason most professing followers of Christ never share our faith in Christ with anyone!

The "Make a Difference” or "M.A.D. Live Event" can change that and help you to be obedient to this call on your life.  Don has taught over 500 times in 24 states and Canada. We have equipped over 30,000 people and have been blessed to see over 1,500 get saved at the Live Events. All praise, honor, and glory be to God!  For more information, please click on the “Speaking” tab above.

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Divine Appointments with the police in GA

We drove home from Florida today. We needed to stop for a bathroom break and fill the gas tank. I pulled into a station in Poole, GA and Cathy didn't like the looks of the facilities, so I pulled out and got back onto the highway. (Sovereignty of God at work) After more miles, I saw an upcoming Pilot Station, so I pulled in there. In front of the store were two police cruisers and the officers were dealing with some kind of incident. As I got out a third officer was walking from behind our RV to meet with the 2 officers in front of the store. I said hello, and said I wanted to speak with him when he got free from the call. He stopped and said we could talk now. I shared the police Gospel card with "Greg" and he told me that he was already a born again believer. I laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed for his safety. Then I went into the store to use the facilities. Upon exiting the store, the incident was over and one of the officers had left. So I walked over to the squad car and greeted the officer sitting inside. Her name was Theresa. I explained that I was a police officer in NJ, and I asked if I could share something with her and pray for her. She said, "Absolutely"! I shared the Police Gospel card with her, laid my hand on her shoulder and prayed for her safety and salvation. She thanked me and left. Officer Greg was standing next to the driver's door of our RV and wanted to talk. He told me that his pastor had preached a message yesterday encouraging the congregation to look for opportunities to share Christ, and how that message hit him as I shared with him today! I told him about our ministry and gave him a business card to share with his pastor. We'll see if the Lord opens a door there to minister!

MAD Live Event in Summerfield, FL

Today I completed MAD Live Event # 637 at Crosspointe. Many people were out sick with the flu, so we ended up with 22 people attending the whole event. We praise the Lord that a lady, who is from Newark, NJ, attended and gave her life to Jesus Christ today! We had a great time this week with Pastor Austin and we got to know each other well. Already looking forward to the next time we'll be at his church!