Would you like to be able to share your faith in Christ every day as a lifestyle?

Don Sunshine Ministries has been privileged to touch tens of thousands of lives and see thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ through our teaching people how to share their faith in Christ every day...without fear, embarassment, or hesitation.

Jesus commanded His followers down through the ages to “Make disciples of all nations”.  So let me ask you a question, “How are you doing with that?”  If Jesus commanded us to make disciples and if you are not sharing your faith and beginning the discipleship process, do you really believe that one day you’ll hear Him say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant?”  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be His full time Ambassadors representing Him to the lost people in our lives. Yet for some reason most professing followers of Christ never share their faith in Christ with anyone!

The "Make a Difference” or "M.A.D. Live Event" is a 4-hour event that is presented “Live” in churches. We usually do these on a Saturday or a Sunday.  Don has taught this over 700 times in 36 states and Canada, equipping over 41,000 people. God has blessed us to see over 1,700 give their lives to Christ at the Live Events. All praise, honor, and glory be to God!  We’d love to come to your church to help equip the believers to begin sharing their faith in obedience….without fear or embarassment.  Putting the teaching into practivce will transform your Christian life into the great adventure that God intended for each of us to experience!

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M.A.D. Live Event Completed Today in Franklin, NC

Today I completed M.A.D. Live Event # 772 in Franklin, NC. We had a small group attend, but the feedback from those attending was very encouraging. I am anxious to hear stories/testimonies from those attending as they put what they learned into practice.

April 2024 Ministry Report

April 2024 - Monthly Report


Our Lord is returning soon!  Are you ready to meet Him?


We had a very busy April, completing five M.A.D. Live Events and equipping another 184 people to begin sharing their faith in Christ every day.  We were so excited to see seven people come to a saving faith at our M.A.D. Live Events this month!  Glory to God!!!


I have been presenting the original Walk thru the Bible Old Testament seminar since 2010.  This past fall I was certified to teach the new version of the seminar, called, “OTLive”.  This month I completed my first “OTLive” seminar.  We had 83 people participate in Oakfield, NY.  It was a load of fun and everyone learned something and enjoyed our time together.  


Is most of your Bible reading in the New Testament, because the Old Testament is confusing and difficult to understand?  Would you like to understand it better and enjoy reading it?  Ask your church leadership to consider bringing me in to teach the Walk thru the Bible “OTLive” Event!  It’s only 3-hours long including 2 breaks, and you’ll learn 40 major people, places, and events from the 17 Old Testament history books with hand motions.  It’s called, “kinetic learning” and it is loads of fun!  At the end of the 3-hours, you’ll be able to recite all 40 people, places, and events in chronological order with the hand motions in less than 2 minutes.  The Old Testament will come to life for you and become an essential part of your Scripture reading.  Please call me directly if you’re interested.


I was blessed to have shared the Gospel message with 69 people one-on-one in April.  20 of them happened in the span of about 10 minutes when I went out to breakfast with 2 friends.  There were 15 Sheriff Deputies in the restaurant and I was able to give each of them a police Gospel card and a Pretender card.  I also got to share veteran Gospel cards with 4 vets who were in the restaurant that morning.  Then we shared and prayed for our waitress!  That was quite a start to the day!  More seeds planted for the Holy Spirit to use!


I was in PA preparing to do two M.A.D. Live Events in April.  Without getting into all of the details, I encountered an immoveable railing with my right thigh.  I was being filmed that morning for the video training we are working on, and as the day progressed, the pain in the thigh became unbearable.  I ended up in an Urgent Care facility and the pain was so bad, I couldn’t get up out of the chair in the waiting room.  It turns out I had a bad hematoma.  I had broken or torn a major artery or vein and my thigh was filling with blood.  The pressure in my leg was the second worst pain I have ever experienced.  I ended up spending the night at my daughter’s home.  Overnight the blood must have broken through a membrane and spread down into the leg above the knee. I was able to Zoom the Saturday training from the recliner at my daughter’s home, and the Sunday event was postponed.  The swelling in the leg continues to be reduced and I have a very colorful bruise that’s spreading…but I am healing.  Thank you to my caring friends who have sent me links to bubble wrap to wrap myself in.  One friend recommended the anti-static bubble wrap as the best solution.




• May 4 - M.A.D. Live Event # 773 - First Baptist Church, Franklin, NC

• May 18 - M.A.D. Live Event # 774 - Quakenbush Hill Baptist Church, Corning, NY

• May 19 - M.A.D. Live Event # 775 - Springville Assembly of God, Springville, NY

• June 1 - M.A.D. Live Event # 776 - Lake Wylie Christian Assembly, Lake Wylie, SC 

• June 2 - M.A.D. Live Event # 777 - Refuge of Worship, Clinton, SC

• June 8 - M.A.D. Live Event # 778 - Whitehall Bible Fellowship Church, Whitehall, PA

• June 9 - M.A.D. Live Event # 779 - Zarephath Christian Church, Zarephath, 

• June 15 - M.A.D. Live Event # 780 - Clintondale Christian Church, Clintondale, NY

• June 16 - Looking for a church to minister in within driving distance

• June 29 - M.A.D. Live Event # 781 - Lawson Baptist Church, Lawson, MO

• June 30 - M.A.D. Live Event # 782 - Hillside Missionary Church, Clarinda, IA

• As of right now, we have nothing on the calendar for July and only one event in August.



 My torn shoulder tendons are continuing to heal, although it’s a slow process.  Continued prayers for healing, please!  

 For continued healing of my right leg.

 For us to find an organization to help us get our new TV quality video of our M.A.D. Live Event into more people’s hands so they can be equipped to share their faith in Christ.  The video is being worked on right now and Lord willing will be completed soon.

 Our regular monthly support has now risen to 66%.  Please pray and consider helping us reach 100%.


Love in Christ,   


Cathy and Don