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Don Sunshine Ministries has been privileged to touch tens of thousands of lives and see thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ through our teaching people how to share their faith in Christ every day...without fear, embarassment, or hesitation.

Jesus commanded His followers down through the ages to “Make disciples of all nations”.  So let me ask you a question, “How are you doing with that?”  If Jesus commanded us to make disciples and if you are not sharing your faith and beginning the discipleship process, do you really believe that one day you’ll hear Him say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant?”  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be His full time Ambassadors representing Him to the lost people in our lives. Yet for some reason most professing followers of Christ never share their faith in Christ with anyone!

The "Make a Difference” or "M.A.D. Live Event" is a 4-hour event that is presented “Live” in churches. Don has taught this over 600 times in 30 states and Canada, equipping over 36,000 people. God has blessed us to see over 1,600 give their lives to Christ at the Live Events. All praise, honor, and glory be to God!  This “Virtual” M.A.D. Event is a 3-hour shortened version of the full program.  You may participate free of charge, but there will be an opportunity to donate to the ministry to keep us serving the Lord full-time.

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May Ministry Report

May 2023 Monthly Report

We had a VERY interesting month of ministry.  We were blessed to complete 4 M.A.D. Live Events and be used of the Lord to rescue 5 more souls for eternity!  Glory to God!  We had a unique adventure at one church when a slightly deranged man brought two very real pipe bombs into the church before my last session!  The police and closest bomb squad were called and responded.  I took the opportunity to share the Gospel with two police officers and pray with them before they entered the building to be sure no one was left inside, and I was able to share police Gospel cards with another roughly 20 police officers!  We praise God that no one was hurt, and that the man was arrested the next day by a SWAT team and remains in jail.  If you are so inclined, you can type in this link to see the TV news story about the incident:

Here’s a testimony I received this month:  

“I met you at Crossroads church, Pastor Mitch Pridgen’s church. I’ve been active again witnessing for our Lord Jesus. So, I’ve been active in sharing the gospel. No one has prayed to ask God to forgive them yet but I’ve been spreading the Word.  Here is a story for you: I was going to Planet Fitness gym and a car had two shoes on top of it. A man, who obviously was living in the car was sitting there. I asked him if he knew the shoes were on top. He assured me he knew. So, I walked into the gym and did my thing. When I came out he was still there! So, I chatted him up and offered him some $20.00 to get something to eat. He would not take the money. As I was heading back to my car, parked near him, God gave me the idea to give him the $20.00 to read a tract. So, I went back and talked with him about how God changed my life and how I wished that for him. I asked him if he would work for the $20.00. He said “yes” and I asked him to read the tract and pray and ask God if it was the truth. I assured him God would show him. He agreed and I gave him the tract and the $20.00. He sincerely thanked me and I drove away praying for Tim.  I’m also chatting people up during my beach walks. I often see a couple taking pictures of each other and offer to take a picture of them together with their phone. It leads to some interesting encounters. I shared a tract with a Czechoslovakian couple using this method. I’m being real with people and some are not interested and that is ok.”

Next month I am privileged to have the opportunity to share the Gospel at the “Rodeo Polkville” in Polkville, NC.  Over 8,000 adults plus kids attended the event over the two nights last year, and I shared a Gospel message with everyone in attendance from the middle of the arena before the rodeo began.  We also manned a tent to pray with people and share one-on-one with those stopping by. We’ll be doing the same thing this year.  This year we will be giving every adult one of these $1,000,000 Gospel Rodeo tracts as they enter the rodeo.  Please pray for a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit as the good news is shared with the crowds and one-on-one in the ministry tent.



June 3 - M.A.D. Live Event # 738 - One Church, Brevard, NC
June 9 - Cathy and I celebrate 50 years of marriage!
June 10 - M.A.D. Live Event # 739 - Lighthouse Baptist Church, Unicoi, TN
June 16 & 17 - Share the Gospel with over 10,000 people at “Rodeo Polkville”, Polkville, NC
June 24 - M.A.D. Live Event # 740 - Lynn Valley Baptist Church, Elizabethton, TN
June 25 - M.A.D. Live Event # 741 - Calvary Baptist Church, Elizabethton, TN
July 30 - Speak at AM Worship Service - Westview Baptist Church, Gastonia, NC
Aug 6 - M.A.D. Live Event # 744 - Watauga First Baptist Church, Watauga, TN
Aug 13-20 - Share the Gospel at the 2023 Indian Bike Week in New Richmond, WI
Aug 26 - M.A.D. Live Event # 745 - Fellowship Chapel Church & Bristol Raceway Ministries, Bristol, VA

As you can see, we have no events in July.  My heart’s desire is to be in churches equipping brothers and sisters twice a weekend every weekend except holidays.  Please call me if you are interested in scheduling me to come to help equip the saints for the work of ministry.  


- For God’s anointing on me and those who will be accompanying me to minister at Rodeo Polkville on June 16th and 17th.
- For our schedule for July and beyond to fill.  Obviously, we are seeing our world get darker by the day, and many people are searching for answers.  We have the answer!  His name is Jesus Christ!  Unfortunately, most church members are not sharing their faith in Christ with the lost people in their sphere of influence and the time is short.  We need to equip as many people as possible with whatever time we have left.  Please pray that God continues to open doors for us to equip as many people as possible.
- For continued good health so we can continue to serve Christ and safety as we travel.
- For Cathy - she still is having problems with the smell and taste of food.  The list of foods she can tolerate and eat is getting smaller every week.  We’ve been praying about this since March of last year, and no medical people have the answer.  She is very discouraged about this.
- For an interview with Focus on the Family to be scheduled and happen.

Love in Christ,     

Cathy and Don

M.A.D. Live Event # 738

I was in Mt. Carmel, PA today for M.A.D. Live Event # 738.  We had a small group attend, but we praise God for one man who came up to me afterward to tell me that the “Make Believer” video that I showed hit him hard in the heart.  He said he repented of his sins and placed his faith in trust in Christ to save him!  Glory to God!!