Walk Through The Bible Seminars

Most Followers of Christ struggle to understand the Old Testament, and therefore, spend little time reading it.  If you purchased a jigsaw puzzle and tried to put it together without ever seeing the box cover, you’d be very unsuccessful in completing it.  That’s how many of us read the Old Testament.  We’ve never seen the Old Testament box cover.  We study the individual OT puzzle pieces, but have no idea how they fit together.  This 4 hour Live Event covers the 17 Old Testament history books in chronological order from creation to Christ.  We learn 77 major people, places, events, and the geography of the Old Testament with hand motions (called kinetic learning),  At the end, everyone stands up and can recite all 77 in order with the hand motions in less than 3 minutes!  You’ll learn more than you thought you would, and have more fun doing it than you ever thought you would.

Don is a certified “National Instructor” with Walk thru the Bible.  75% of the 32 million+ people who have attended this seminar made a written commitment to read their Bible and pray for the next 30 days.  This forms a habit.  Call Don today to get answers to your questions or to book a “Walk thru the Bible Old Testament Seminar” at your church.