Pastor, I want to personally recommend to you and your congregation Don Sunshine and his ministry. He will work with you to do a powerful training session for your people both motivating and equipping them to share their faith in Jesus with friends, family, and even casual contacts as God begins to open doors for them.  We had Don here on January 25, 2009, and as I look back over our year so far, that was a real spiritual turning point.  We had gone thru at least 6 months with no one getting saved thru our ministry before that.  Starting that day, we had one teen guy saved, and then 24 more saved between then and now. If you want to talk to me more about it, please feel free to call and fire away with questions.  Time is short and people need the Lord in their lives.  Our people are the best ones to reach their contacts, but first they need to be equipped.  Don will do a great job of equipping them.  Go on his website and watch some of his presentation.  He is an excellent communicator, and is gifted and anointed by God. I know that as of right now, Don has the dates of July 18-19, 25-26, and August 1-2, 2009  open.  God may be holding them open for your church.  I'm sure he has open dates for fall and beyond, as well. Thanks for considering this prayerfully,
Bern Lytle, Pastor, Big Flats Wesleyan Church, Big Flats, NY
(607) 562-3444

To see some of the endorsements, please check below:

Bill Graham's Radio Network Endorsement

"The Journey" - Liberty University's Christian Radio Network

Pocket Testament League
Endorses and recommendation our training


KSBJ Radio
KSBJ - Largest Christian Radio Station in the USA

Trinity Church
Pastor Terry Roberts recommendation

Dr. James N. Smock, Administrator
Administrator West Mont Christian Academy

I would have been thrilled with three or four professions of faith, but the Lord used Don's ministry of how to share your faith to bring "to faith: 48 students! WOW!!! I was blown away.


Pastor Thomas R. Davis
Braintrim Baptist Church, Laceyville, PA

You did an excellent job in presenting good illustrations that kept the people's attention and certainly were thought provoking to one's mind.


David Enders
Victory Highway Wesleyan, Painted Post, NY

Don Sunshine's "Make A Difference" training will show you just how exciting it is to have a role in God's work. After all, you have a very specific mission among the people in your realm of influence. Your pastor cannot reach these people, regardless of whether or not he or she seems more qualified.


Patrick Kelly
Spencerport Wesleyan Church, Spencerport, NY

If your church is looking to be challenged to begin making a difference in your community, then Don Sunshine is the person you need.

Clark R. Ballard, Headmaster
Emmanuel Christian Academy

This is a letter of reference for Don Sunshine. We had Don in to do a MAD event at our church and school. Our church is a very evangelistic outreach focused church, but after Don's presentation we could see how many every day opportunities we were letting pass by.


Ron Woudenberg, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church
Emmanuel Baptist Christian School and Academy

Wonderfully, students from our school went home that night and began implementing what they had learned. These students were equipped for the work of ministry and they were doing it like never before. This reminds me of Paul's words to the Ephesians about Christ's gifts for the church.

Tim Dombrowski, Associate Pastor
Faith Tabernacle, Lockport, NY

We recently held a Go MAD Training at our church in Lockport. This event was life


Rev. Bernie Knefley
The Alliance, Coudersport, PA

We were privileged to invite Don Sunshine to conduct a MAD Training Seminar


Pastor Jay O'Connor
First Baptist Church of Walton, NY

Don Sunshine presented his MAD training at our church several weeks ago. It was fantastic! In fact it was so good that I have booked him to do a Sunday morning presentation in April. I want more of our congregation to be exposed to this clear and encouraging presentation of the Gospel and the call to share our faith effectively.


N. Glenn Landis, Arlen R. Landis, Pastors
New Life Church

We recently hosted a MAD Training Session at New Life Church and can Highly recommend it to you. If you are looking for a way to challenge and stir your congregation to reach out to others and be a witness MAD Training is a great tool.


John H. Hartman, Associate Pastor
Grace Christian Fellowship, Cortland, NY

Don Sunshine presented his "Go M.A.D." training at Grace Christian Fellowship in a

Pastor Jim Willard
First Congregational Church, Berkshire, NY

I had heard you speak before so I new you would be keeping our attention. But I was not prepared to be so favorably impressed with the M.A.D. Training you led us in.


G. Terry Steenburg, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Owego, NY

I found you and your material to be very Biblical, very Evangelical, very Evangelistic, very well organized, very practical,

Andy Zack
Love Joy Gospel Church, Lancaster, NY

I enjoyed meeting you and many of the people in attendance spoke of how they appreciated you personality and presentation. I spoke with a girl today that is already "planting seeds" in her sphere.

Pastor Tim Maybray
Titusville Free Methodist Church, Titusville, PA

Don Sunshine came to our church and led us in the Make A Difference seminar.


Prattsburgh Bible Church
Karmon Wood

Pastor Paul Titus
First Alliance Church

Pastor Derek Vande Slunt
Interlaken Reformed Church

Pastor Robert St. Clair
First Church of the Nazarene